We Have A World Premiere!

While I was sworn to secrecy for a few weeks, I am now able to share the excellent news that my most recent film — Nefertiti’s Daughters — will be having its World Premiere on April 9 at Aspen Shortsfest in Wheeler Opera House, in downtown Aspen, Colorado! It's also one of the select films to screen a second time in nearby Carbondale on Saturday night, April 11.

Aspen is one of the top short film festivals in the world, and one of the Academy Award-qualifying festivals for documentary shorts (for the grand jury winner). Last year’s short doc winner at Aspen (“Our Curse”) was one of the five Oscar nominees this year, and its short fiction winner (“The Phone Call”) actually won the Oscar.

Finally, to top off our great news, Bahia Shehab — the central artist of our film — will be flying from Cairo to attend the premiere in person, which will be wonderful for the film!

Anyway, more news to follow once Aspen releases its program publicly. I couldn’t be more excited. The festival has a great track record and there’s no doubt that our film is going to attract a good deal of attention as a result.

P.S. While only Kickstarter backers have access to the whole film, I have a publicly-available sneak preview if you’re interested. The three minute clip is one of the more powerful moments in this story. It takes place at the 22-minute mark of the 40-minute film and Bahia gives you an amazing sense of the intersection of women, art, and revolution, and the events that drove these truly remarkable artists into the streets of Cairo: