Our First Press Mention

We got the first bit of press today, via a Huffington Post story. It's nice to be the first film mentioned:

[S]hort films in Aspen this April will encompass 70 films from 30 countries, based on 3,100 submissions from over 100 countries.

Attention should be paid to Aspen Shortsfest: over the years, the festival has presented over 70 Oscar nominees and winners. Of particular note this time around:

Nefertiti's Daughter about the role of street artists and women in the Arab Spring.
Andrew With Great Fanfare about a 14-year-old in New Orleans.
Bhavini starring an 11-year-old from India who just wants to dance. 
Living in America whereby a quad skier tackles the Chugach Mountains in Alaska.
The Champion featuring an Iraqi refugee and his family, a promising boxer now driving a cab in Chicago.
German Shepherd about the son of a Holocaust survivor who becomes enamored of Germans and Germany.